Posted by: Katy | December 18, 2007

Arbor Day (in December?)

Yesterday I finally received my package from the National Arbor Day foundation.  I became a member in July.  I ordered a tulip tree and received  red maple for free.  Unfortunately, I did not read the fine print stating that the trees (more like saplings, of course) would be shipped at the peak planting time in my area.  Apparently, because of south Louisiana’s heat and humidity, the Arbor Day Foundation wouldn’t ship the trees until they felt they could survive the mail—thus, the December mailing date.  So today I am going to decide whether to start them in pots or just plant them in the yard, where to plant them, etc.

Once upon a time, my yard had trees.  The large stump in the middle of the front yard proves this as well as the two littler stumps in the back yard.  Now there is only one tree in my entire yard—far in the back, next to the fence, scrawny and gnarled.  It produces some kind of berry.  My good friend/roommate Brian, a native of New Jersey, has always been extremely impressed with the live oaks that tower over the landscape here in Louisiana, and so he wanted to give me one to plant. . .eventually.  However, live oaks take FOREVER to grow.  I longed for a shade tree, preferably as soon as possible.  We’ll see if these trees survive and, if so, how quickly they grow.  The important thing is that I’m adding trees to a landscape that desperately needs them.  Now if the Arbor Day foundation would just send me the complimentary crape myrtles I received for joining, we’d be all set!


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