Posted by: Katy | January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

I don’t usually make “resolutions” per se, especially because “resolutions” suggests the word “resolute.”  I find that anything I try to force myself to accomplish doesn’t often happen.  Or I accomplish these things but not happily.  Plus sometimes as you go along in life, you discover that some of your resolutions evolve and suggest alternate possibilities.  Thus, I will make “goals” for 2008.  Realistically, only some of these things will be accomplished due to finances and time constraints, but I figure I’ll start with reasonably high expectations.


1.  Put up insulation along the basement walls.

2.  Work on my garden in the back yard and create more curb appeal in the front yard.

3.  Clean the exterior of the house and begin to research cost and logistics for one day repainting the house’s exterior.

4.  Strip the peeling paint from the walls in my bedroom, spackle, prime, and paint.  Maybe do something cool above the picture rail.  Hang up my plates in an arrangement on the wall.  Get a memory foam mattress cover to make my bed more comfy.

5.  Organize the kitchen.  Get more rolling plastic bins to store things under the sink. 

6.  Monitor my finances more closely and come up with a budget I actually stick to.  Save, save, save.

7.  Inevitably, there has to be an exercise clause.  Only for me, it’s more about being healthy and less about losing weight.  I’d really like it if I spent more time outside in the park on the walking paths.

8.  Become an official member of Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church on St. Charles Avenue.

9.  Learn to sew (at least be mediocre).

10.  Rediscover my creative side through my writing.  Nothing serious.  Just for my own enjoyment.

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