Posted by: Katy | January 18, 2008

Bedroom Blues

bedspread.jpgWhat color to paint my bedroom?  I have a fleur de lis stencil that I want to use on the walls.  But what should the base coat be?  And then the color for the stencils?  Should I do a faux treatment as well?  Especially since my walls are old, cracked plaster.  And what about the border above the picture rail?  I have to scrape the peeling paint off of it, so I’m going to have to repaint it.  Do I keep with white/cream or do I paint it the color of the fleur de lis?  I always thought this would be the easy part, but after a couple of prom-bedroom-drapes.jpgising paint purchases that looked one way on the chip and another when I opened the can, I am extremely hesitant.  Right now the room is powder blue. 

Not only do I not want the walls to be powder blue, but the walls are also dirty, stained, peeling, etc.  I’d like a blue with a little more green in it.  I think. . .I don’t know.  My comforter is aqua with chocolate brown damask that is so dark it might as well be black.  My mother and I are constantly debating whether it is black or chocolate brown.  I thought about continuing the combination onto the walls, but I think that might be kind of boring/repetitive and also I’m afraid of such a DARK element on the wall.  So. . .

Here’s the stencil I’m going to use:

It won’t be this color (though I do like the combination, it just doesn’t go with my bedspread) and I’m not going to do the flowers, just the fleur de lis and the lines.

 The drapes are brand new and aren’t the same color as the bedspread but are in the same color family.  (At least according to me and my mom.)  I admit I am no expert.  I was thinking maybe a blue/green background with camel or gold for the fleur de lis stencil.  Or slate blue with camel or gold.  Or maybe blue and cream.  Or a light blue and a deeper blue.  Any suggestions? 



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