Posted by: Katy | January 18, 2008

Top 10 Projects for 2007

container-blog.jpgdining-room-blog.jpgblog-kitchen.jpgIn an effort to motivate myself to begin my 2008 projects, I’m going to look back on everything I accomplished in 2007.

1.  Researched the real estate market, looked into opportunities for first time homebuyers, came up with a creative financial idea or two, worked with a spectacular relator, and finally—bought my FIRST HOUSE!

2.  Painted the living room and dining room the jadeite color from the Martha Stewart Collection available for Valspar paint at Lowe’s.

3.  Scraped off all the peeling paint in the kitchen, spackled, primed, and painted a sage green color on the walls.

4.  Lay sod in my otherwise barren yard (with the help of my darling Daddy).

5.  Sewed (spastic hand stitching and hemming) and attached a green and chocolate brown polka dot skirt underneath my apron sink in the kitchen.

6.  Bought an old grain container/feed container that was rusted, spray painted it green, and filled it with faux berries as a container in my kitchen.

7.  Spray insulated the cracks in the basement.

8.  Hung beautiful blue velvet drapes in my bedroom.  (Thanks Santa. . .aka Mom and Dad.)

9.  Started a very small garden plot in my backyard.  Joined the Arbor Day Society and planted a red maple and tulip tree in my backyard.  I will probably be 60 before they’ve grown to any respectable height, but at least I’m trying!

10.  Tacked up Martha Stewart wrapping paper (in a pale green) in the back of my two cypress built-ins in the living room so that the items displayed in them will better stand out.  I say that I did this.  Really, I came up with the idea, purchased the supplies, and asked for help.  Since I am incapable of cutting a straight line or properly aligning anything, my mother came over and fully executed the project.



  1. Good for you getting and rehabbing your first home! It looks great.

  2. Thanks so much!

  3. I really like what you’ve done to the kitchen! Any chance you’ll post bigger/more pictures soon (or on flickr)?

  4. Thanks, Linzey! Your new space looks really cool, too. I’ll be posting more pics of the kitchen when it’s actually decent enough to be viewed. It is truly a working kitchen—it seems almost every night I am not only cooking for myself but for several others as well—and is rather messy most of the time. A sad but true admission!

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