Posted by: Katy | February 8, 2008

Costume Change

stephanie-mardi-gras-costume.jpgjeremy-mardi-gras-costume.jpg my-mardi-gras-costume.jpg

My costume for Mardi Gras day did not come to fruition.  I couldn’t find the supplies I felt I needed around the house, so I visited the local craft store.  As I should have predicted, shopping on Lundi Gras (the Monday before Mardi Gras) was an enormous headache.  Plus, I had a parade to get to for 5:15 that afternoon and wound up running late.  So I decided to truly use only what I had, which wound up meaning I wasn’t really costumy.  I put on my Easter dress and big pink hat and went as “Uptown Goes Downtown.”  This was particularly fitting because I live Uptown, and I VERY RARELY spend any time over Carnival (or especially Mardi Gras Day) downtown—but this Mardi Gras day, we spent the day in the French Quarter.  I have TONS of pictures from that day, which I’ll post later.  The weather was wonderful, and everyone was in good spirits.  Here are some of the costumes our circle of friends wore that day.  With the exception of Stephanie, we were far less creative than most of the people out there.  I’ll have pics of some of the most interesting very soon!


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