Posted by: Katy | February 13, 2008

Lethal Weapon 504

gun-nagin-riley.jpgWhen I started this blog, I promised myself I would stick to issues concerning home decor, cooking, history, etc.  In short, topics that weren’t controversial.  I also wanted to write a bit about my neighborhood.  Seemingly uncontroversial, right?  But I live in post-Katrina New Orleans, a hot spot of controversy.  And if I want to talk about my neighborhood (both the good and the bad), I inevitably encounter myself discussing certain issues about which people might have varying opinions.  Like this picture I’m posting.  What exactly does this teach, Mr. Mayor and Mr. Police Superintendent?  We live in a city where our young people, especially young men, are dying.  They’re killing each other.  They need mentors.  People to set examples that don’t involve violence or playing around with guns.  Of course I am glad that the NOPD has received more supplies (like weapons) that will help them accomplish the task of fighting crime.  But Ray and Warren—what’s with those goofy smiles while holding those weapons?  How about adopting a bit of a serious attitude once in a while.  We residents of NOLA don’t take crime lightly, don’t laugh about it, and most of us would like to think that within the wake of the murder of a 24 year old police officer, there wouldn’t be much laughing going on at the mayor’s office or the police headquarters concerning arming our officers against violent offenders on the street.  Maybe Riley and Nagin think it’s fun to walk around sporting those big guns.  I just wonder if they’d be having so much fun with them if THEY were the ones who had to take them out into the streets of Central City.  One day, they might stop posing for photo ops and go out and fight the real battles—against criminals, an ineffective judicial system, failing schools, property blight, crumbling infrastructure, etc.  But I’m not going to hold my breath.  I’m just waiting for the election when the people of New Orleans can finally vote these guys out of office and bring in the “big guns.”  You know—people who are willing to work for real change.  All right.  I’ve already said more than I intended. 



  1. I just read your post. I have to agree with you. How odd they would think this was funny. You can’t count on these people to make wise decisions.

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