Posted by: Katy | March 10, 2008

Farmer’s Market

farmersmarket3.jpgfarmersmarket2.jpgfarmersmarket1.jpgLast Saturday, Jeremy and I visited the Crescent City Farmer’s Market on the corner of Magazine and Girod Streets in the Warehouse District.  They had all kinds of things—fresh produce, flowers, plants, beef, pork, prepared sauces and salsas, milk, honey, shrimp, etc.  All of it was natural, organic, free of pesticides, etc.  We bought the most beautiful, juicy tomatoes, carrots with the tops and the dirt still on them, a spring mix variety of fresh lettuce, oranges grown in Plaquemines parish, honey made just across the river in Algiers, and a green onion so big it looked like a leek!  I also purchased some herbs to grow in pots for cooking and four little Creole tomato plants that will hopefully one day be BIG and yield lots of yummy tomatoes.  If you’ve never had Creole tomatoes, you MUST try them.  They are absolutely the best!  After bringing our purchases home, we put together a picnic lunch and went out on “The Fly,” an open green space along the Mississippi River levee where people picnic, play ball, throw around frisbees, tan, walk dogs, etc.  We watched everyone doing these activities while we just ate and lazily lounged.  The next evening I made a hearty beef stew and bruschetta with some of the ingredients from the market.  So good!!!

For more information on farmers’ markets and how to organize and encourage farmers’ markets in your area, go to


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