Posted by: Katy | March 19, 2008

Good Quote, Favorite Writer

“A news program came on.  There was a story about a little boy who was a hero for he caught a crook.  While reporting the story they showed the neighborhood.  It was a modest suburb—but there was something in the green, the lawns, the trees, the sidewalks, something indefinable, that reminded her of the South.  Just when the children turned the corner, the way they rode their bikes, the way the trees looked—it was someplace very close to the most old and familiar and thus enchanted places of her heart.  Why do they have those strange accents?  she wondered.  Yes, they’re in an old familiar green place and they’re speaking in a certain jocular and strange accent adn luction.  The pavements glistened.  The sky was black.  There were palms.  She noticed it was sleazy.  That was not a criticism.  She would not criticize her region.  It was an observation.  It reminded her of Florida too.  The Gulf South.  She waited patiently for the dateline at the end of the story but none was given.  But finally just at the last minute before they went to the next thing they blew up the item from a local newspaper that the story had come from and yes, it was The Times-Picayune.”

 ~~~Nancy Lemann, The Fiery Pantheon


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