Posted by: Katy | April 28, 2008


I live in a neighborhood—heck, a city—where a security system is a necessity.  So last June, when I bought the house, I also invested in an alarm through ADT.  They give you a sign to put in the front yard and stickers to put on the windows to act as a deterrent.  I’m one of the few people on my street who has a security system.  On Friday, I discovered that someone had actually taken my sign from my yard.  That’s right—someone STOLE my security sign.  We have actually reached a point where a sign advertising an alarm system is an item worthy of theft.  Now I have to call ADT and see if they’ll give me another one.  Maybe I’ll ask for a few spares while I’m at it.  Who knows how many more times this vicious crime will occur.  I jest, but seriously—they STOLE my sign?! 

Sidenote:  The city of New Orleans mandated that we all put our trash in a certain garbage can issued by the city.  It’s this enormous green monster of a thing that I am physically incapable of pushing to the curb.  Thank God I have a male roommate who does this for me.  Anyway, someone stole the garbage can from the house next door.  The neighbors have been waiting WEEKS for a replacement.  Until then, the city is rather ambivalent about picking up their garbage.  Sometimes the garbage truck will still take it away even though it is not in the proper receptacle.  Other times, since it isn’t in the city issued trash can, they don’t haul it away.

I live in a world where garbage cans and ADT signs are hot commodities.


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